Monday, January 17, 2011

Unique gardening

I just love the way the trees are trimmed in San Miguel de Allende. This particular row of Laurel trees have large lanterns going up into the trees and niches have been trimmed around the head of the light. I shot this photo in December as you can probable tell by the temporary stalls that are selling Poinsettias and Christmas trees. The trees are sold with the roots and dirt wrapped in canvas.  When you get the tree home, it gets planted in a big clay pot.
I shot this from a rooftop of a building just off the jardin, the main square in San Miguel. The tree trimmers actually climb into the trees to trim them. How they get the tops so perfect is beyond me.
I like how the archway was created to frame the doorway going into the the Chapel of the Third Order that is next to the San Francisco church.
This is the same row of trees with the San Francisco Church on the right. Over in Patzcuaro, these two men were trimming the grass with a machete and a small little clipper!
In the main plaza in Guanajuato, they pulled out the big ladder to trim their trees.
I could not believe my eyes when I was walking down Calle Tenerias , a block from my house. This little tree was growing out of the side of the building. Where ever you look, there is always a surprise around each corner.

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