Friday, January 7, 2011

What's your sign?

San Miguel de Allende has such interesting signage around town.  I like the way the type face overlaps each letter along with the decorative pattern below it that is a copy of a dog from the ancient clay stamps that were found around Veracruz.
Walking up Hernandez Macias one morning on the way to breakfast, this gentleman was standing on his homemade ladder (that I thought was very ingenious) painting the restaurant's sign with no stencil, all free hand.
Later that day, the sign was all done.

I love how the little niche has an antique stone santo in it and the way the "O" in "coba" was executed.  Makes me smile.
The flowers and leaves just bring these signs to life.
So simple but effective.  You just have to love the electric wiring.
This is the grand daddy of all signs. The shadowing is superb.  You won't miss this one!

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