Monday, January 31, 2011

Some more stain glass

Last Friday I wrote about a few stain glass windows that can be found around San Miguel de Allende.   I just had to share with you some of the most beautiful stain glass that is in my favorite church in Barcelona,  Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar, in the Barri Gotic district.  This church is the only surviving example of Catalan Gothic style architecture in Barcelona today.
The church was built in the 1300's and for its time, it was finished in remarkable time.  It only took 55 years where most Churches can take hundreds of years before being totally completed. The geometric design of the window is so striking.
What a magnificent rose window!
A close up of the rose window.  I feel like I am looking in a Kaleidoscope.
The details of the Pente Cost are amazing.  I love the shadowing on their faces and the ray of light beaming through the window.
Some of the windows were destroyed due to an earthquake and fire.  This contemporary, abstract window I find very intriguing.  
Antonio Gaudi was so inspired by the tall columns in the Santa Maria, he modeled his columns after these when he designed La Familia Sagrada.  I certainly can see why.

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