Monday, July 9, 2012

An explosion of Bamboo at the Denver Botanic Gardens

 The Denver Botanic Gardens recently unveiled the new Bonsai Pavilion and Tea Garden.  As part of the celebration, large site-specific art installations in bamboo have been erected.  Two artists were featured and I particularly liked the works by internationally-known artist, Tetsunori Kawana.  This piece is right when you enter the gardens.  Titled "The Shape of Fundamental Energy II - 2012".  It reminds me of a big dust devil that I would see in the Arizona desert. 

Titled "Culture Current" - 2012, this looks like the big blades of grass flattened by a big wind and rain storm.

I love the lily pond in the front of this large piece.  I think I would title this, Monet meets Alvar Aalto!
This makes me think of the fabulous surfing movie, Riding Giants.

With the steam coming off the water and the deep yellow yarrow in the fore-ground, I just love how the bamboo planks are rolling like hills in the background.

Take a morning off and check out the art.  The installations will be on display up to November 4th.  I will do another photo shoot of the exhibit once Denver see its first snow.  I think that will pretty spectacular to see.

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