Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trinitate, a great ceramics store in San Miguel de Allende

Trinitate is a wonderful store in San Miguel de Allende that took over the old La Capilla space just behind the Parroquia Church.

The range of planters, pots, dishes are endless.  And I particularly like the glazes that they use on their ceramics.  There are various pieces of furniture, some art and other accessories in the shop along with a variety of roofing tiles.

Not having a traditional home, I do enjoy the simple and pleasing table setting.  I do go nuts over new plates and I have to rein myself in when I see something that I like.  I simply have run out of storage space for any additional table settings.  But you never know...

I have a few pieces of Trinitate ceramics that I had bought over the years.  One of my favorites is a handsome, very sleek white pitcher that is shown on the center,  left side of the photo.  It is excellent for sangria and it pours beautifully.

Wouldn't this collection of green plates be wonderful in a mountain home?

You can find Trinitate in San Miguel on Cuna de Allende No. 10, just half a block from the main plaza, the jardin.   There are two other stores located in Leon (where the factory is) and in Mexico City in the Colonial Polanco area.  I find many of the pieces well priced and a good place to find a gift or two.  Now only if my suitcase was bigger...

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