Friday, July 20, 2012

Continents Apart

One of my favorite artisan's, Tomasa Gonzales Sanchez, lives in Ocumicho in the mountains north-west of Uruapan in the state of Michoacan.  I have been collecting Tomasa's and the family's pieces for years and whenever I visit their home/workshop, I never leave empty handed.
I bought this candelabra decorated with naked men and women years ago and I just love it!  The artisans of Ocumicho have a wild imagination and often there is a devil or some kind of demon thrown into the mix.

My friend, Paco Cardenas who owns the best bakery (La Petit Four) in San Miguel de Allende, recently traveled to Oslo, Norway.  He spent some time at the magnificent Vigelano Museum and Park.  It is the world's largest sculpture park made by a single artist, Gustar Vigeland.  It consists of over 200 sculptures of his lifeworks.  This 17 meter high monolith has 36 figures on it.  

Check out their website: 

I know that the residents of Ocumicho have never ventured very far from their little village and I would guess that Vigeland never traveled to this remote spot in the state of Michoacan but the similarity of both these works is spectacular! 

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