Monday, July 30, 2012

Bugs around San Miguel de Allende

Just recently I was at my casa in San Miguel de Allende and I was amazed on the number of Volkswagen Bugs around town.  This one above certainly had some character to it just like the many colorful facades you see around town.
 Love the white leather interior.

 Another Pink Bug and it's the Pink Panther!
 I particularly like the tw0-tone action going on with this silver and blue Bug.

 And check out the decal!  BURRARI!  Get it....  Burro-Farri!  I wonder if it really is a "green" Bug and runs on Burro Manure....
 Another two-tone number.  I think the fenders look pretty nice with the accent color.
And then I saw this poor little Bug over in the San Antonio area.  Does not look like he had been out on the town for some time.
It's great seeing the oldies come to life and I did see plenty of new bugs that are still being made in Mexico in the "old style."  
Just think what the people in town would think if they saw the VW Bug that the two Huichol Indian Families had embellished with over 2,777,000 beads that is presently on display at the Denver International Airport (I wrote about that on June 6th. If you missed it, please check it out.)
Viva la Mexico!

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