Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fiesta de Los Locos

Fiesta de Los Locos (Festival of the Crazies) certainly is a crazy day in San Miguel de Allende. Don't even plan on trying to get in and out of town when the parade is on! June 13 is the feast day of "Santo Antonio de Padua" and this celebration takes on a different life in San Miguel. Even if the 13th falls on a week day, it is always held on the weekend. The carnival like fiesta starts at the San Francisco Church, heads up Zacateros, Hernandes Macias, Insurgentes, Aparcio, Nunez, down San Francisco and ends in the Jardin.

Originally, the celebration was confined to the San Antonio Church and its' plaza. But several decades ago, the parishioners decided to try something different for their church's annual celebration. The men would dress up as clowns and some in bizarre drag outfits (borrowed dresses with their boots sticking out below the hems.) They danced, threw flour on the bystanders and staged a mock bull fight. This lunacy became an instant tradition. Later on, bands were added to the festivities. Since the celebration was becoming more of a "Tequila Fest," women were encouraged to partake with hope that this would tame the event.

The festival and parade celebrates Spring in San Miguel. People from various businesses, families and barrios (neighborhoods) participate in the parade. They dress up in all kinds of costumes ranging from an array of animals, politicians, cartoon characters, monsters... you name, you probably will see it! Candy is thrown to and at the spectators. Talk about a mass of people. I was up on the mirador (roof top patio) of Casa Luna B & B watching the parade. This is the fabulous B & B where I have my group stay when they are in town for my guided tours.
Participants of all ages. Aren't these costumes hysterical!
I could not tell if the "cross-dresser" was a man or a woman! But she or he could really dance.
I love the men with their wrestling masks on and then the crowd of "Donald Ducks" behind them.
With all the silliness, dancing and loud music, here is a float with a young boy dressed up as Santo Antonio. You can not see it, but the center row of the mock garden has a small, fake rodent gnawing away at the watermelon. Only in Mexico.
Remember though, should you misplace something, pray to San Antonio, he might be able to help you find it!

Viva San Miguel de Allende and all its Locos.

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  1. Locos today was just as loco! More people in the parade than watching it. Great fun. Hope you're here for it next year. x0x0dianne