Friday, June 4, 2010

A San Miguel de Allende Reunion

On my last guided tour of San Miguel de Allende in April, everyone had such a great time and got along famously! Diane, one of the ladies from the group who lives in Denver, promised to have a "reunion" get together and include spouses once we all got home. She came through with her promise over Memorial Day weekend even though she and her husband, Robby, were about to take on a six month remodeling project on their home the following week. What a trooper!

Seated is Walter (Helene's husband), John (Ann's husband), our hostess, Diane and my husband, Len. Margaritas were served, steak and an assortment of appetizers. Some brought appetizers; I made Guacamole for a crowd and served it in my molcajete which I bought in the market in San Miguel de Allende. A mocajete is a volcanic rock mortar and mine has a darling little carved pig face on one side. It weighs a ton and Len just loves carrying it to some of our parties - not.
Here's Gail hamming it up as usual. Never a dull moment when she is around.

Tom (Trudy's husband), Trudy and Helene (another funny one). Check out all the empty plates.

Cindy and Wayne were the one couple on my tour and along with Ann.

Our hostess with the mostess with an assortment of desserts. There is already talk of another get together. I am sure the ones that could not make it this time will be at the next get together. It's great to make and have new friends.

Thanks again Diane and Robbie for such a nice evening!

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