Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19th is a Big day in San Miguel de Allende

Today, June 19th, is a big day in San Miguel de Allende not for the locals but for my parents, Bob and Lorraine Mullen. For it was SIXTY-TWO years ago that they walked down the aisle in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
They met in Bemidji, Minnesota where my Dad was starting Bemidji's first radio station and my Mom was starting her first teaching job.
Here they are taking off on their honeymoon. And the honeymoon hasn't stopped.
My Dad's career has been all about writing. Over the years he has had the good fortune to write for newspaper, magazine, radio, television, cinema, direct mail, the web and a ton of collateral materials - brochures, annual reports, speeches, papers. He still writes very actively for hire and for himself.
It was one of his writing projects for the Mexican tourism bureau that brought them to Guanajuato, Mexico. He was hired to write the script for a film on the Cervantes Festival. With some free time on their hands, they hired a driver and headed over to San Miguel de Allende. Enchanted by the town, they rented a house for the summer and I went to one of the art schools, the Instituto Allende, where I studied fabric design, jewelry making and weaving. That summer, 35 years ago, they bought a charming, colonial house just two blocks from the jardin (the main plaza). That is when my love affair with Mexico, especially with San Miguel, started. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking that side trip!
This photo was taken two years ago in the courtyard of our home in San Miguel when my brother and I hosted a 60th anniversary party for them. You would not have believed all the flowers they received that day. Now, two years later, they are at the casa celebrating 62 years of marriage! Way to go Mom and Dad!
Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feliz Aniversario!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. A great looking couple! Thank you for the lovely description and pictures. They bring a happy tear to my eye.

  2. Thanks !!!!!!! I am fortunate to have such great parents and that we are such a close family!!!