Monday, June 28, 2010

My San Miguel de Allende Reunion Fiesta

Last week I was getting ready for a Reunion Fiesta at my home for all the people that have been on one of my tours to San Miguel de Allende.
This is the invitation that I had made and sent out to everyone. I color enhanced the photo of me and the trio, " Los Comodines" which translates to "The Jokers." Los Comodines played Ranchero music for my group the evening of the farewell reception and dinner on my mirador (roof top patio). A great time was had by all! A few people even got up and danced. (Check out my post on May 14 where I write about the trio and there is even a little video that I shot of them performing)
I hung this "Papel Picado" at my by my front door. I had bought several of them in different designs and colors last October during "Dia de Los Muertos" (Day of the Dead).

I ran up to the wholesale florist and had a hard time deciding on what to buy because everything in the coolers looked so beautiful. I decided on blue Delphiniums, red Gladiolas and green & yellow Burplurm and arranged them in my funky vase that I set on the kitchen counter.The bar was set up with white wine, an assortment of beers, soft drinks and my homemade Sangria. The old Corona cooler really keeps everything perfectly chilled. For about ten minutes, the wind really picked up and there were blossoms and pollen from the Catalpa tree all over the patios. My bartender was busily sweeping up before my guests arrived!
Here's Sylvia assembling some of the tapas for me. I had been cooking for two days and these are the tapas that I made: guacamole and chips ~ deep fried won tons filled with chorizo, golden raisins, roasted pine nuts, blue cheese & Monterrey cheese (a recipe I made up over 20 years ago) ~ wild mushroom crostini ~ pulled pork, onion & queso fresco mini sandwiches with a roasted poblano sauce ~ skewered watermelon & tomato squares drizzled with a brandy, lemon zest & olive oil vinaigrette ~ tuna carpaccio served in Chinese soup spoons ~ AND roasted tomato crostini! No one goes hungry at one of my parties.
I had some photos of San Miguel and my guests put on a DVD that I had running continuously on the TV during the party. Debra, Sharon and Gail are watching through the family room window from the patio. After viewing the photos, we all wanted to jump on a plane and head back to San Miguel.
Some of my guest that evening enjoying the Sangria. Earlier last week, I had my husband, Len, hang the "papel picada" from the corner of the roof to the Catalpa tree. It is actually made of plastic so I am going to keep it up all summer!
Barbara and Debra chatting up a storm about their time in San Miguel when they were on one of my trips.
More of my guests in the back yard.
Here's Diane, Wayne, Cindy and Rick. I am sure Rick was saying something clever. I do know that he said he was going to sneak into my house and steal my Chorizo Won Ton Recipe!
It was a great evening and we all loved reminiscing about our trip to San Miguel and talking about a return visit. At the end of the evening, I gave everyone my Sangria recipe and a preview of my Itinerary for 2011. I already have received some phone calls to sign them up for one of my next tours.
Check out Wednesday's post, for I'll write about my upcoming trips! Buena viaje! Robin

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  1. We had a wonderful time, from the Paco Picado to the end. Your Sangria was delicious and your appetizers were out of this world. And what a great group of people to visit with. I think they'd be fun to travel with, too! ... oh yeah, we DID travel with them!