Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All kinds of bags can be found in San Miguel de Allende

I am a sucker for the bags that you can find in the market or doorways of the little tiendas (stores) in San Miguel de Allende.  The "Catrina" with her bouquet of flowers and umbrella is pretty cute.
Pancho Francisco Villa caught my eye in the market the other day.  He really kinda looks like Diego Rivera with a mustache.
These bags certainly have a different pattern to them.  I have so many of them.  I buy them to use as gift bags; a lot more interesting than an ordinary paper bag.  I just bought 30 of them for a friend to use as gift bags for her guests that are coming in from out of town for her daughter's wedding.
I have assortment of them to use as my shopping  bags when I go to the grocery store in Denver and the market in San Miguel de Allende.  Of course, I coordinate them to go with my outfit.  Why wouldn't you?
Talk about colorful and sturdy!  These are the bags to purchase when you have bought to many heavy items.  I have a huge one of these woven hemp bags that I have had for over 25 years.
I held off getting the "Tinkerbell" bag but what little girl could not resist one.  Reminds me of my old patten leather lunch box that had as a little girl that had Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop on the front.
Talk about an assortment of bags: Pancho Villa, Loteria cards, Frida Kahlo, Virgin de Guadalupe, movie stars, singers... I could have a closet full of different bags.  No wonder... I love purses and my closet is proof of that.  Next time in the market or walking by a little tienda, treat yourself to a new bag.  Believe me, you will not break the bank.

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