Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Peregrine Falcons

This last February I opened one of the blinds in my family room and there was a beautiful Peregrine Falcon with a fresh kill in his claw sitting on the ground.  He seemed not to mind that I was taking his photo through the window.  They are a medium size falcon with a height of 15 to 23 inches and a wingspan up to 30 t0 40 inches.   Peregrine in Latin for "traveler."  If they survive the first year of their life, they usually live up to ten years.

Just recently a pair of Peregrine Falcons have claimed my Catalpa tree as their perch.  An arborist told me this Catalpa is one of the largest in town.  I would say the pair chose well.  Peregrines are the fastest animals on earth and have can fly at 120 mile per hour at level flight and in their diving speed, they can reach up to 300 mile per hour at a 45 degree angle!
 He is in his hunting mode!  They eat mostly birds and they attack their prey by flying high and diving at their victims.  The call is a repeated "cack."  Around 6:00 in the evening, I like to go out and see them soaring through the air and perching in the tree, looking for their dinner.  Like an owl, they mate for life.  Another interesting fact about them, is that the female in 30% larger than the male.
Once on the endangered species, a commentator stamp was created by the US post office.  They are a beautiful bird and not skittish of my presence.  I am sure this will be a great source of entertainment through out the summer. 

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  1. Robin, now you can add wildlife ranger to your list of job titles!