Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cooking at Rancho Casa Luna in San Miguel de Allende

Towards the end of the week of my guided tour, I take my group out to Rancho Casa Luna, just outside of San Miguel de Allende, for a cooking class. You could not ask for a more beautiful setting. Before the cooking starts, we tour the property, its gardens and even a visit to see the chickens, goats and rabbits. What Ranch would not be complete without dogs. There is Puppies, Bravo, Vera and Brindy, just to mention a few. They are all so friendly and just begging you to throw a rock for them to retrieve.
After our walk around the grounds, we settle in for a cooking class, "Chilies y Salsas."" Audreen, who studied at the CIA in New York, is our instructor with the help of Isabella in the background. I also lend a helping hand for I am no stranger to the kitchen either. Later, we break into teams and cook our appointed dish in one of the three kitchens. Once our dishes are completed, we sit down to a sumptuous lunch.

Isabella making the most important part of our meal, Margaritas!

San Miguel de Allende - Cooking Class at the Rancho 2 Click on the purple to the left to view a video that I shot of Helene and some of the others in the kitchen with Isabella's help. A great time by all.

Some of the gorgeous produce from the market (mercado), limes, jalapenos, cilantro, poblano, tomatillas........
Wayne is julienning the jicama for the salad. What technique!

I bet you did not know that jicama is native to Mexico and Central Mexico and has been cultivated since pre-Colombian times. It is a bulbous root and the interior flesh is white and extremely crisp. It is 90% water!
Jicama is also great as a refreshing little snack. Cut into 1/2" x 3" sticks. Squeeze fresh lime juice over them and sprinkle a little paprika on them for color.

Buen Provecho !

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