Monday, May 10, 2010

My Kitchen has a NEW look !

As I promised a few, below are some photos showing off the design changes I made in my kitchen in Denver. I've also added a few photos of my "cocina" (kitchen) in San Miguel de Allende. I do love to cook!
My house in an International style home that was designed and built by architect Edwin Francis in 1938. The cabinets are original to the home. I have since given them a fresh coat of white paint, piano hinges and new hardware. The Carrera marble counter tops replaced darker Granatech counters. The kitchen has really become so much brighter, more open and a real treat to cook and entertain in.
I put in an under counter, 16 gauge, deep, double bowl, stainless steel sink that came with two sinks grids. The brushed, stainless goose neck faucet and spray are also new to the kithen.
The back splash was changed to a brushed stainless and low voltage lighting was added. The lighting gives the kitchen such a "glamorous" look. My husband thinks it looks like a kitchen one would find on a Deco cruise ship in a Thin Man movie. I agree. The only thing missing is Asta, the Jack Russel Terrier, and a few martinis.

The left wall of the kitchen is curved. The cabinets have three interior shelves and are deeper than the standard wall cabinet. Can you imagine getting curved cabinet door fronts made today! $$$$!!!
I've just rolled out my dough for empanadas and the filling is a Mediterranean approach, lamb, onions, mint, cilantro, seasoning and cheese. I like the flour on my sweater. I better put on an apron.
Let's head south, back to San Miguel de Allende. My "cocina" has two glass, french doors at the end of the kitchen that open up right to the courtyard. Nothing like having the patio and the outdoors right at you fingertips! Like my Denver kitchen, I adore working in such a light and airy space. My brother and I hosted a 60th anniversary party for my parents. I did all the food (of course) and the trio above is the wait staff that I hired to serve.
And here I am, plating a dinner for some of my friends that had come over for dinner. Being an interior designer, I had the cabinets painted with a blue wash to give the kitchen more of a "Mexican" feeling. The original beige wash was too "gringo" looking for me and besides, I love blue.To add the crowning touch to the kitchen, I painted this wonderful saying on one of the walls.

"The secret to a long life is to eat garlic, but the difficult part is to hide the secret.."


  1. Beautiful Robin, Tough life you got there Lady!!!!

  2. Thanks Martha! I have created a monster with my husband with this cooking thing. He watches the food network with me and comes up with all these suggestions on what he wants for dinner. Friday night I made braised beef ox tail. Sunday, duck.