Friday, May 28, 2010

More fun at Rancho Casa Luna

Wednesday I wrote about how I love cooking at Rancho Casa Luna just outside of San Miguel de Allende. When I was with my last group, I took them out to the Rancho for a tour and a cooking lesson. Talk about a beautiful setting!
This is a view from the garden looking up at the Rancho. Up the first set of stone steps is a pool that is so refreshing.
The Agapanthus were gigantic and the orange Montbretia were brilliant!
The menagerie of animals at the Rancho is fabulous. This is one of the furriest burros I have ever seen.
Back in the kitchen, here's Trudy chopping up cilantro for her dish.
(Click on the purple above to view some of the ladies cooking)
Diane is selecting her ingredients for her recipe. And enjoying that margarita too!

We are given paper mache figures on a stick by our cooking instructor. Helene selected one with a coiled snake. Watch Helene act out her "Snake Dance" with her stick. Click on the purple below. She is just hilarious! As you can tell by the videos that I shot, we are having so much fun.
San Miguel de Allende - Snake dance

And the parting shot is of Bravo, one of my favorite dogs at the Rancho. When Diane, the owner of the Rancho, turns on the fountain, Bravo attacts it with gusto!

Life is GOOD at the Rancho!

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