Friday, May 7, 2010

Different perspectives in San Miguel de Allende

There are many fine artists in San Miguel de Allende and I think Tom Dickson is one of the best. The way he captures the light in his paintings is spectacular. When I have one of my groups in town, we visit his gallery on my guided walking tour of town. He and his artist wife, Donna, have Galeria Los Laureles on Zacateros 81-B. I shot some photos of his work in the gallery the other day and when I got home, I came up with a fun idea.

I'd never suggest my camera could compare with the artistry of Tom's brushes, but being a photographer, I thought it would be interesting to show you how the images of San Miguel are many, whatever medium you use to capture them. Join us on our next adventure... and bring your camera!
This is the view of the jardin (central plaza) and the Parroquia (parish church).
"In the Shade of the Jardin" - Interesting on how I shot this and Tom painted this at the same time of day. That is one of many the treats of San Miguel, its early morning and late afternoon lighting is an artist's dream come true. Truly magical.

This scene has been shot by many photographers. This is an older photo of mine for the fountain (pila) is longer painted blue which I miss dearly.
"Day's End" - The man seated probable is trying to muster up the energy to head back home out in the countryside. He has been in town all day with his burros. The burros had been loaded down with burlap bags full of dirt that he had been selling door to door. We usually buy our dirt for our gardens and potted plants this way. And in the winter months, he would be selling firewood. It is long and tiring day for him. He had to prepare the dirt with a mixture of compost (or find and chop the wood), load his burros up, make the three to four hour journey into town, walk around town knocking on doors to sell his dirt and then make the exhausting trip back home.

Again, that late afternoon lighting certainly is worth capturing on canvas or on film.

This is one of my favorite places to sit and watch the people go by, Plaza Civica and the La Salud Church. On the weekends, you will see families from the countryside pass through the plaza on their way to the market. The families will be hand and hand, sparkling clean and in their best Sunday clothes.

"Morning in the Plaza" - Since my photo was taken, there has been some new landscaping. Tom's colors, lighting and perspective are just beautiful.

Join me for one of my tours and I will introduce you to Tom and Donna Dickson. You might even take home one of their paintings. If you are interested, email me at

Check out Tom's blog and see more of his great paintings at
ALOTaboutLIGHT and believe me, it is a lot about light!

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