Monday, May 24, 2010

Flowers in the Mercado in San Miguel de Allende

The activity in the market, el mercado, in San Miguel de Allende is always an adventure. Before my group arrives for their guided tour of San Miguel de Allende and the surrounding areas, I head to the mercado to buy flowers to fill the house.
People are visiting, shopping, children playing... When my group is in town, I take them to the mercado as part of my guided walking tour.
It is always a dilemma on what to buy. The Gladiolas look good and such an array of colors. I usually pick up five dozen Glads to fill my entry and living room.
I also like to buy an array of Gerber daisies and float them in one of my pilas (fountains).
The roses are always spectacular and they are grown not too far away. They are usually fresh in the market every other day, depending on what vendor you go to.

And when I have bought arms full of flowers, there is always a helpful someone to carry my bundles of flowers out to the street and help me hail a cab. Viva la mercado!

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