Friday, May 14, 2010

The Trio, Los Comodines, in San Miguel de Allende

Before my group arrived for my guided tour of San Miguel de Allende and the surrounding area, I was out with my friend, Esther, looking for the trio, Los Comodines. Los Comodines roughly translates to "the jokers." They had played for Esther's son's birthday party and everyone loved them. So why not do something totally different and have them play for my group! There were no "jokers" in El Gato Negro.
Next stop, Bar El Tenampa!

What a funky interior. The things I do to make my tours the best!

I talked to Celestino, the guitarist, and arranged for his trio to come to my house for my group's farewell reception and dinner. Los Comodines play ranchera music. Ranchero is the traditional Mexican music that is often about the life on the ranch and in the countryside of rural Mexico. In the north, these trios are referred to as Conjuntos.

Los Comodines are up on my mirador (roof top patio) playing for the cocktail hour. Don Luis on the bass, me singing (not really), Celestino on the guitar and Jesus on the accordion. They were great! Get a peek at them performing - click on "Trio in ... Los Comodines" in the blue below.
Trio in San Miguel de Allende - Los Comodines
Los Comodines (singing the song, Caminos de Guanajuato)

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