Monday, July 5, 2010

Flowers at the Denver Art Museum

Last Monday I was at the Denver Art Museum changing out a few floral arrangements.
We are waiting for security to come get us and escort us to the Woodman urn. I was joking around in the kiddies area. The poor turtle. He doesn't look too happy.
Liz was waiting to get to work. We teased her that she looked like a "cleaning lady" and maybe that could be her next career. Judy, Liz and I just finished the arrangment for the Betty Woodman urn. The ceramic urn is on permanent display at the museum and we are in charge of creating new arrangments. We usually change them out three to fours times a year and the design for the arrangment is influenced by what season it is. We designed this particular arrangement to go with the King Tut exhibition that just opened. Everything is (and must be) artificial. I was very impressed with the big blue Agapanthus that I found and how real they looked. Agapanthus is one of the flowers that I love to buy in the market in San Miguel de Allende and put into one of my copper pots in the living room. My friend Diane has beautiful Agapanthus growing in her gardens out at her Rancho Casa Luna just outside of San Miguel (a place where I take my groups for a day of cooking.)
We used a variety of grasses, red/orange Torch Gingers, blue Agapanthus, green Agapanthus, tropical leaves and tall Cypress. I think King Tut would have approved!
As member of the flower council, a few of us create a fresh arrangement every Monday for behind the information desk in the North building of the Art Museum. This copper vessel is something I designed and had made years ago. I had it made in the town of Santa Clara de Cobre, Mexico, about a 3 1/2 hour drive from San Miguel de Allende. This town is known world wide for its copper work. This is one of the towns in which I will be taking my group in February for my Artesans & Architecture tour. We will have a demonstration of an artist creating a copper piece and later, visit a home of a weaver of the traditional wool ponchos.
We kept the opening of King Tut in mind when we designed the arrangement above by using Proteas, white Hypericum, Safari Sunset Proteas and Tree Ferns. I love how the patina on the copper vessel compliments the orange, copper tones of the Proteas.

It was a fun, full day.

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