Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Fourth of July

All last week and going into this week, I have been celebrating my birthday! Officially it is July fourth but I like to stretch it out, then who wouldn't. Earlier last week, I went to Sushi Den with my friend Laura. At the end of lunch, our waiter brought me a little bowl of Green Tea ice cream. Very nice gesture but not that good.

That evening, Len and I went over to Suzy's house for a some hors d'oeuvres, drinks and opening of birthday gifts. Yeah. Here's a little video clip of Suzy singing. Suzy sings

Friday, Len took me to the Capital Grill and Sunshine, the hostess, had the table decorated with little stars and a birthday card! We splurged and had steak tartar that they had prepared for us per Len's request. They too brought me some "to die for" chocolate ice cream with a candle in it! Saturday was another great day. We went to Sushi Sasa and had great lunch. The cod with black bean sauce is one of our favorites. We also had an assortment of sushi items, Unagi being on the top of our list. These beautiful orchids were at the reception desk. They are real! What a simple but elegant way to display them with the bunch of Bear Grass in a little bundle. Lovely!

Sunday was the official day. My parents were the first to call from San Miguel de Allende. Then my Aunt Mary... Carter, my brother, called from San Diego. Len gave me my birthday presents. He did a excellent job of shopping. We went over to Dick and Karen's for dinner Sunday night. Dick is in the background peeking through the "Happy Birthday." I had another "trio" sing to me. Check out the little video that I shot. karen, Dick + Lori sing Karen grilled some steaks and marinated chicken breasts. Lori brought a feta, watermelon and mint salad. I made a ceasar salad with strips of sauteed jalapenos. Karen gave me a plastic gun that shoots out a stream of continuous bubbles. I see it is for ages 3 +.

Birthday week has not stopped. My friend Judy stopped by on Monday with a little gift and she is taking me out to lunch later in the week.
Heck, I think I will just celebrate all month! July rocks!

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