Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Friday market in Patzcuaro

When I am at my home in San Miguel de Allende, I love to make a little side trip over to Patzcuaro. Friday in Patzcuaro is always on my agenda for the Plazuela de San Francisco is transformed into a busy little market every Friday morning.
I just adore buying these little pots to decorate wreaths. I also bought a big bag full to have on hand for a group that is coming to San Miguel in April of 2011. On our agenda, we are going to spend one afternoon painting and decorating individual tin nichos and a few of these tiny pots just might be the perfect adornment.
Beautiful hand embroidered tablecloths and blouses.
Hand made baskets that are woven near by in the village of Ihutzio.
I bought this handsome woven tray from this little guy for 150 pesos, roughly $11.50 US!

These bowls and platters are made over in Capula where the majority of the clay Catrinas are made. I met the craftsman who makes these ceramics last time I was in Patzcuaro in April and in the market today, he and I recognized each other. It was like old home week.
I find this very interesting... I was in a little French restaurant in Denver and they had for sale a line of dishes from France that were hunter green (like the bowl in the bottom right corner) with the same pattern. Pretty wild!
The bowls with lids are the perfect vessels to serve salsas in.

Two gals on the way to the market.
This lady was selling a farmers cheese that she had made.
The wooden spoons and molinillo (the traditional wooden spoon that is used to mix hot chocolate) are made in the mountain village of Cuanajo which is also known for their wood furniture.
The traditional jarro de barro (clay pot) is used to make hot chocolate and ponches (hot mixed fruit punch with sugarcane alcohol.) I use one by my stove to store my wood spoons and other cooking utensils and another one as a cookie jar.

The Friday market is great people watching, many of them are dressed in their native clothing and it is full of different crafts from the area. There is also a great section of beautiful plants and flowers.

It's a wonderful experience and one I look forward to every trip.


  1. Great to know about this market Robin. Have been wanting to get back over to Patzcuaro.

  2. Let me know and I will give you some other travel tips.