Monday, July 26, 2010

My San Miguel de Allende Dogs

The dogs around San Miguel de Allende are just as friendly as the people! These two guys were just hanging out by their front door checking out the people that walked by. They're like the old couple on the front porch.
He just woke up from a good siesta. I love the colorful wall behind him, the colors of the Mexican flag.

I could not have staged these two perros any better. I just cracked up on how they were lying. It was hot out and what a better way to cool off than lying on the cold stone pavers and leaning against the cool brick wall.
Talk about hilarious. I rotated the photo and it still works in a goofy way. Dog Pilates! This Cocker had been out and about with his t-shirt on. He was waiting patiently for someone to let him back in.
This Perro is an antique ceramic mold that was used to make large papier mache dogs. I found him in an antique store in San Miguel. So life like.
Meet Frida! I met her at Shacter's house when she was just a little puppy. One year later, she is still so full of life and loves to play non stop.
Bravo attacking the fountain at Rancho Casa Luna just outside of San Miguel de Allende. Besides his fixation on the fountain, he loves to chase down rocks that I throw. You can meet both Frida, Bravo and some of Bravo's buddies if you join me for one of my tours of San Miguel and the surrounding area. One day we have a cooking class out at Rancho Casa Luna. Another day, the Shacter's home is one my stops to view his incredible folk art collection.
This guy was relaxing on the steps that led up to the church's courtyard. I guess you could say that I am just like many of the dogs of San Miguel, I too love to sit in the jardin and watch life go by! Viva la Mexico.

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  1. It's a dog's life, right! Love how you captured the spirit and fun of the perritos of San Miguel. Thanks!